The Freedom-Haters

The victimhood culture of America, perpetuated by the laws of intersectionality, which lay the foundation of what is known as “progressivism,” is the largest force against freedom in the United States. “Progressive” is a term coined by collectivists, i.e., group-thinkers, to imply that any opposition to their ideas is an opposition of progress — a twisted tactic of language manipulation that has run rampant in this country for generations. But progress in the collectivist sense of the word, is anti-freedom. Progressives, who will forthright be referred to as what they truly are — collectivists — are laser-focused on eradicating freedom from the face of the country, as they have done throughout all of world history. They are The Freedom-Haters.

Victimhood, or rather, having experienced the continued infringement of one’s freedoms, is the mainstay of collectivist ideology. And so the virtue of the collectivist is not the aspiration of strength, but the celebration of weakness. In some form or fashion the collectivist is always a victim of a vague, villainous majority. In fact, the claim of victimhood begins with the proclamation of being a “minority,” i.e., the underdog, the oppressed, the “have-not,” and the aim of this column is to show that the collectivist, by his very nature, does not care for the minority he so desperately preaches to champion, but only cares for the group in which he has created. In collectivist America, which has grown nearly beyond the point of no return, the more victimhood one can claim, the more credibility one has in the public sphere, regardless of whether or not one’s ideas are based on truth. Instead of basing ideas on truth, the collectivist needs something else undeniable in which to base his ideas. To this end, the collectivist has developed the laws of intersectionality.

Intersectionality is a method of collection. Intersectionality collects every aspect of one’s identity and classifies them based on those characteristics into a group — a “minority.” These aspects or characteristics will be called “layers.” And the more layers of intersectionality one can collect, the smaller the minority group in which they belong, and therefore the more credibility they have in the public sphere. Each layer marks a degree of separation from the non-layered, the blank canvas, the bane of the collectivist, his ultimate villain: the straight white male.

The collectivist, hilariously to those who see through his charade, at all times experiences cognitive dissonance, as the bane of his existence is both his enemy and the identity in which his entire ideology is based. Straight white males are at the foundation of the collectivist scale of intersectionality. The straight white male has no layers of intersectionality, is in no fashion a minority group, and therefore has no claim to victimhood whatsoever. Conversely, every layer of identity — race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, etc. — away from the straight white male, is another layer in the collectivist claim to victimhood. And in his scramble to place everyone in groups based on their layers of intersectionality, the collectivist completely ignores the smallest minority on Earth: the individual.

Thus we arrive at the reason why the progressive — the collectivist — embodies the Hater of All Freedom: because he cares nothing for the rights of the individual and cares only for the rights of the group. No minority group, no matter how exclusively intersectional, no matter how few its members, is as minute as the individual. The individual is oppressed in a collectivist society because the freedoms — or rights — of the individual are never considered. There is no freedom for individuals to the collectivist, only for the group in which an individual can be categorized. The collectivist never considers the individual. The collectivist considers only the race, sexual orientation, religion, gender etc., so that the individual can be placed into a group. At that point, and only at that point, when the individual is torn from their individuality and forced into a group based on the laws of intersectionality, only then will the group’s rights be considered.

The collectivist, who claims to champion the rights of the minority, does the opposite of what he preaches. He cares nothing for the rights of the truest minority — the individual — and cares only for his list of segregated groups. He enacts policies that steal from the individual through tax collection, and give to the group through social welfare programs. This is why the collectivist scrambles to categorize himself as part of a group — why he “collectivizes” — because his entire ideology infringes on the rights and freedoms of the individual, and only considers the rights and freedoms of the group. Freedom is the antithesis of the collectivist — progressives are the enemies of freedom.

It’s a direct result of an increase in collectivism that the government inflates like an explosion-bound balloon. The collectivist advocates for socialist fantasies like free healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, federal jobs for all, “fair wages,” and more sound-goods. And it should come as no surprise that the money for all these free sound-goods comes out of the pocket of the individual — though so often does, as the collectivist is so rarely well-versed on the truths of economics and government. The individual, who benefits from none of the collectivist’s “social welfare” programs, watches as the federal government takes more and more money out of his paycheck “for the good of the group.” To achieve these socialist ideals the government must grow larger. More federal income tax will be taken from the individual to support this gross expansion at the behest of the collectivist. And as the individual is victimized and oppressed, his rights infringed upon, his freedoms stripped away by the collectivist policies of the government, the collectivist pats himself on the back for a job well done.

If the freedoms and rights of the individual are to be properly considered — that is to say, considered at all — there is only one form of government that does so. It is not the compromising “mixed economy” of America’s Republicans and Democrats, nor will it be a cultural compromise between conservatives and liberals. It is only an uncompromising “Hands Off!” approach that will work. This “Hands Off!” approach only works when government serves a single function: to protect the rights of the individual. Rights, of course, mean that which is given by nature to the individual, such as a right of expression, a right to defense, a right of ownership, and a right to free enterprise. Anything more and the government has ceased to function as a supporter of freedom.

A government that gets its hands dirty manipulating healthcare, education, worker’s wages, housing, financial institutions, etc., — all of which are better left to the free market — only serves the purpose of smothering the freedom of the individual. A government that serves only one function — protecting the rights of the individual — is the only government that supports freedom. No collectivist government is capable of supporting freedom, and serves only to take freedom away. A collectivist government seeks not to keep its “Hands Off!” but to keep its hands clenched in a stranglehold around the neck of the free individual. Collectivism is not progressive, but regressive in every sense of the word. There is only one “Hands Off!” approach to government and economics, only one “Hands Off!” idea that is built upon and supports the freedom of the individual.

The “Hands Off!” — or, as the French say, Laissez-Faire!, form of government, is uncompromising capitalism. At the end of the 19th Century America compromised freedom by putting an altruist stranglehold on the closest system to capitalism in the nation’s history, through antitrust laws — laws which “proscribe unlawful mergers and business practices in general terms, leaving courts to decide which ones are illegal based on the facts of each case” — embracing its own destruction. When “conservatives” decided to compromise with liberals by enacting these laws through congress, followed by the establishment of the Federal Reserve 23 years later — leaving the gold standard — they all but assured the surrender of the country’s freedom. Laissez-faire capitalism is the only proponent of freedom because it is the only form of government based on the freedoms of the individual and nothing else. And until Americans recognize that the only way to build a free society is upon the shoulders of laissez-faire capitalism, the more collectivist the country will become, and the more likely it is that progressives will win their war against freedom.

Image credit: Wiki Commons

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